The Dark, Hairy,

Raunchy World of


InkedKenny is not afraid of the dark.

InkedKenny is not afraid of the dark. His moody, bruised-looking images explore every shade of black from aggressive to submissive. His models talk of how he explores their fantasies before a shoot so he can push them deeper into their risky desires.

InkedKenny was found abandoned in Macau at the age of 6 months. He was adopted and brought to Vancouver, where he grew up. In the eighth grade he discovered both barbering and photography. Barbering won — for the time being. He shaved the heads of his fellow rugby team members. (If only he had shot the event as well!) That led to cutting mohawks and cutting class.

His barbering tendencies evolved into a career in hair and makeup design for fashion and advertising clients.

After the loss of his father and and his lover, he found it too difficult to return to his old work. Friends suggested he pick up a camera, and his next career was born.

His first monograph from Bruno Gmünder, The Men of inkedKenny, packs a load of steaming testosterone into a beautiful 128 pages of slickly produced, quality photo book. Check out his site, and go to Bruno Gmünder for more about the book.