I met Kenny Lee last summer when he was art directing a raunchy show for gay pride that would have involved a chick (Lena Love) fucking me with a strap on on stage. Unfortunately, the guy I was dating at the time thought that this was offensive and pressured me to back out. A few weeks later when jealousy ruined the relationship and I returned to Toronto. I was told through a friend that Kenny was interested in getting a hold of me for a photo shoot. As I am the long lost dumpster baby of Dawn Davenport I am genetically predisposed to any sort of exhibitionist act and this photo shoot fit the bill. I was definitely intrigued especially after seeing the twisted ideas Kenny had come up with for the pride show. The first night we met to shoot Kenny and I took a night time tour of the back alleys near his house he used the available lighting provided by the street lights, the effect was amazing and I was impressed, and being the jaded cunt that I am that says a lot.

He used the first shoot as a chance to get to know me and what makes me tick. He got around to finding out my personal sexual interests, which tend to be deeply rooted in the world of deviance. When he asked what turned my crank I quickly said ….’guns, dogs and fighting are what get me hard.’ He asked if we could shoot again the following weekend this time he brought a dog, I acquired a hand gun, and last minute I borrowed a Hitler youth arm-band from a friend, just to push the limit a little further. The thing that I found most impressive about Kenny was his desire to push the envelope and really take the risks required to get the beautiful edgy shots that he has become known for. Besides being a photographer who is intrinsically technically proficient he also likes to explore subject matter that give his photos a dark and intense narrative. He has a great ability to form a great report with his models which is important if you want to photograph the subject matter that Kenny explores. For a Man who only picked up photography in the last two years Kenny is a natural who’s talents and abilities have truly blown me away. I am forever grateful to have had the chance to pose for such a extremely talented, extremely twisted, artist who is such a sweet man to the core.